The Mindful Manifesto Front CoverHow to enjoy living in the present moment (Guardian). Ed's contribution to the Guardian/School of Life supplement on making the most of your time.

3 Tips for Being Mindful At Work (PsychCentral). Ed is interviewed about working with mindfulness by the US psychology site.

Mindfulness: has it been hijacked by business or can it change lives? Ed explores the use of mindfulness in business settings for the Guardian.

How the cure to your illness is all in your mindfulness (The Times). Ed summarises evidence from the Mindful Manifesto for the Times.

Be Mindful report. Written by Ed for the Mental Health Foundation's campaign to support the use of mindfulness in the NHS.

Mindfulness: The Altered State of America (Guardian). Ed writes about mindfulness in the United States.

What Happens When I Meditate (Healthy magazine). Ed is interviewed about the physiological effects of mindfulness practice.

Meditation is an emotional rollercoaster. (Guardian) Ed writes about his own experience of meditation.

The School of Life - Self Help Summit. Ed talks about mindfulness as part of this event.

Stars' meditation technique gains mental health experts' approval (The Observer). Ed is interviewed by The Observer.

Mindfulness: The Key to a Healthier Society? Ed speaks at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) with Tim Parks and Dr Jonty Heaversedge. Watch a video of this event.

The Mindful Manifesto: How doing less and noticing more can help us thrive in a stressed out world. Book written by Ed and Dr Jonty Heaversedge.

Happiness is...all in the mind (Mail on Sunday). Sarah Stacey on mindfulness and The Mindful Manifesto in You magazine

Buddhism beats depression (Guardian) Should the health service sponsor Buddhist techniques to beat depression? Ed argues the case.

Mindfulness: Beyond The Science. (Guardian). A piece by Ed suggesting that scientific studies on meditation don't tell us everything about the practice

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