mountain wavesWe offer mindfulness training and consultancy for organisations in the UK and internationally. We are flexible in our approach and happy to discuss creative, bespoke training and consultancy for our clients. This can range from an introductory mindfulness session or talk to a longer tailored course, or one-to-one training. We also partner with organisations looking to offer workplace mindfulness training to their clients and customers and can facilitate residential executive retreats.

Some examples of offerings to our clients include:

We also offer public courses and workshops in London WC1 and West Sussex and residential retreats in Surrey,

Ever-present challenges for organisations include listening to and serving customers, working and relating with clients and managing resources. Increasingly they are turning to mindfulness in the workplace to assist in surfing the waves of challenge and change. Mindfulness can help people in organisations develop:

Awareness, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Insight and Inspiration, Wise Decision-Making, Creativity, Focus, Skilful Communication, Stress Reduction, Embodied Leadership, Confidence, Empathy, General Well-being.

All of our courses and workshops are led by Ed Halliwell. Ed is the author of three books: Into The Heart of Mindfulness, Mindfulness Made Easy, and (as co-author) The Mindful Manifesto. As well as teaching mindfulness to public groups and in organisations, he is a trustee of the The Mindfulness Initiative, which is supporting the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group to develop mindfulness-based policies for the UK, an associate of The Sussex Mindfulness Centre, and a supervisor of mindfulness teachers for the Mindfulness Network. Find out more about Ed.

View Ed's recent public talk with Action for Happiness at Conway Hall, London:

Watch a video of Ed giving an Introduction to Mindfulness presentation at RSA Insurance Group.

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