Client Testimonials

Ed has worked with the full-time MBA students at Imperial College Business School for three consecutive years. We have been deeply impressed by the way in which he brings alive the practice of mindfulness for a professional, and often sceptical, audience. Ed is a confident and competent facilitator who we will no doubt bring back into our classrooms.” Dr Charles Donovan, Principal Teaching Fellow, Imperial Business School

Ed has led a bespoke mindfulness course at Ardingly College for interested teachers and support staff for each of the last four years. We see the process as a way of nurturing our staff who are interested in exploring, understanding and practising mindfulness. The sessions have been very well received by staff, and it is fantastic to have Ed working with both sides of the college together, in an atmosphere of respectful inquiry and reflection. We look forward to more courses with Ed in the years ahead." Jamie Large, Deputy Head Academic, Ardingly College

From the outset I was confident that Ed was the right trainer for TBWA. Ed's deep understanding of Mindfulness together with his appreciation of the impact the Agency's dynamic, creative and unpredictable working environment can have on our people, combined with his calming and patient personal style was an ideal match for the Agency. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ed.Helen Doughty, HR Director,TBWA/London

Ed is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker, and his talk proved extremely popular amongst staff, who turned out in numbers to listen to him. He shared his wealth of knowledge and personal experiences of mindfulness in a way that highlighted the practical relevance of research to everyday workplace experience. Ed combines a relaxed and easygoing approach with thoughtful professionalism. I would highly recommend him.” Carmen Martinez, UNICEF UK

I just wanted to send a little note to say a big, big thank you for being so brilliant this weekend. Everyone seemed to really enjoy and be inspired by your stories and tips, which is exactly what we were hoping for. And especially thank you for kicking off the festival’s talks – not the easiest job, but you packed out the yurt. Hopefully now we’ll have a new group of people going off and looking in to mindfulness and feeling a bit better on a day-to-day basis.” Clemmie Nettlefold, UK PR Manager, Innocent Drinks (following talk given at Innocent Unplugged Festival)

“The Mindfulness course has been a wonderful gift to us as a teaching staff. It has given us the tools to make us more resilient and cope with the challenges that we face in a more productive way. We were already a very strong, supportive team, but the training has reinforced this. The good quality handouts, audios and emails really helped to keep us on track, and Ed was able to respond to each person in a way that was not only relevant and enlightening for the individual, but for all the other participants too. Excellent, in every respect.” Gill Pedersen, head teacher, Handcross Primary School

The session was fantastic and we've had brilliant feedback. Lots of people left their phones on their desks this lunchtime too, which was a great start to practicing what they had learnt!” Esme de Courcy, People Manager, Future Foundation

"Your feedback was just wonderful, as I knew it would be." Kirsty Buck, Head of Programming, Learning, Guardian News and Media

The whole experience was very positive. Ed was a really great presenter and his presentation was perfect for beginners of working with mindfulness as well as those who had previously done so before. All the feedback we have had has been very positive and the participants enjoyed all elements of the presentation.” Amy Greenham, Lawyers on Demand

Ed Halliwell is a fantastic workshop leader who really understands how to get the attention of the crowd and be both educational as well as entertaining. The atmosphere he created in his workshop was fantastic and people really felt held to try new skills while at the event. People commented on the accessibility of what was presented and their willingness to come back again on following days (the workshop was held over three days at the same time each day). Thank you for a really inspiring workshop – we would love to work together again.”Jana Stefanovska, Founder/Director, NOW Live Events

I was a little nervous about how the morning would go as one always wonders how it will be received. I have been inundated with e mails from staff who are really grateful for the opportunity for an inset which goes further than the normal and focuses on them. A huge thank you therefore for such a great morning.” Emma Trelawny-Vernon, Registrar and HR Manager, St Ronan’s School, Kent

Ed Halliwell gave an excellent introduction to mindfulness to staff at Dulwich Prep London. A combination of academic research and guided practice provided compelling arguments for its place in the school community. Over 40 staff who attended (out of around 140) have since expressed their interest in attending a Mindfulness in schools foundations course – which speaks for itself.” Ed Matten, Head of Classics, Dulwich Prep London

We recognised that if we were going to attract our target audience to the event, we had to secure a national speaker with some gravitas. It is with great fortune that we managed to secure the services of Ed. Ed was our keynote speaker and lived up to his billing - his presentation was informative, enjoyable, thought-provoking and delivered in a professional and engaging manner. Our post-event evaluation confirmed that the presentation was a huge success.” Ian Burnitt, Local Interest Group For Mindfulness, Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire NHS

Mindfulness is an age-old practice that has proven – over millennia and across cultures – to be an effective tool for managing the stresses of everyday life and for cultivating a greater sense of presence and wellbeing. As a gifted and valued member of our teaching faculty, Ed Halliwell’s mindfulness courses are an essential component of our core curriculum.” Morgwn Rimel, Director, The School of Life

Ed was a very engaging speaker, and we very much enjoyed having him address our conference on Self-Care. Ed’s style of speaking kept our attention, and we also enjoyed the short meditation he did with us. The feedback was very positive - many participants felt they would like to have had even more time.” Eoin Stephens PCI College, Dublin

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